Ticketmaster Super Bowl LIII On Location

super bowl 53 banner


Date: May 2018
My Role: UI Designer
Teammates : (Product Manager, Developers, Director of 3D)

On Location is a B2B, ticket purchasing product designed for fans interested in exclusive Super Bowl Tickets. Sales reps send clients a presentation that incorporates 3D seat views and interactive maps to view seats, learn details and buy.

I designed the responsive site to follow our Virtual Venue buy flow, to stay consistent to all of our products. View the style guide Here

  • Create a mobile responsive presentation that showcases all seats for sale to the ticket holder using 3D views.
  • Allow the user to learn details about the seats being presented.
  • Give the user a way to purchase the seats they want, without calling a rep on the phone.
  • Update last years outdated interface design to incorporate more views, and establish a simple, clean design.

Click Here to View the Prototype





Overhead View

The user is given an interactive, 3d overhead view to choose which section they’d like to learn more about and purchase a ticket. When a section is clicked, a details card pops up, giving a section view preview, and general but important details about seats in that section.

Super Bowl 3

Drone Seat View

Once a section is clicked into, the user is brought into a “drone” view. This view shows the available seats in that section in green. Clicking on a green seat will bring up general information about that specific seat, including price and a thumbnail seat view.

Super Bowl 5

Seat Details

When the seat card is clicked, the user is given a larger seat view preview that can be expanded. Along with the view, the specific seat details are displayed. The user can also click the “Buy Now” button.

Super Bowl 6


Review, Checkout, Confirmation

The user can review their purchase, complete a checkout, and receive a confirmation that seats have been purchased. Users can do this without having to speak with a sales rep on the phone.




Wireframes and Improvements

Last years product (left) lacked a view preview when a seat was clicked in the drone view. Also, a. information bubble popped up on the map, which cluttered the user’s experience. In this years version, we leveraged our Virtual Venue design, with a seat card at the bottom of the screen, giving a preview along with information that stayed out of the user’s way when clicking around seats.







The list view in the old product (left) didn’t include a seat view preview or a way to filter the available seats. We again leveraged our list view from Virtual Venue, which allows users to preview with a view each seat, filter, or go back to the map view with our CTA button.





The old seat details screen (left) doesn’t utilize seat views, or a way to purchase the seat being viewed. In this year product (right) we keep a seat view present while the user clicks through the benefits and details, as well as a “stickied” buy button to convert sales quickly and easily.




Our goal of keeping the flow simple by allowing users to filter from viewing all sections, into a specific seat was accomplished by utilizing our flow from our other products (Virtual Venue) and keeping things consistent. Users will feel a familiarity with OLE, which builds trust and confidence in our fans.




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