Alpha Healthcare Mobile Mock Up

Date: July 2018
My Role: UI Designer
Teammates : (Product Manager)

I was tasked with creating a mock healthcare content mobile site, in order to test whether or not users would find a product like this useful and engaging.

  • Make browsing top healthcare related stories and news priority


  • Include a search feature.


  • Give users ability to subscribe to the site.


Click here to view my prototype


Landing Page

Users can choose to view content by clicking on trending hashtags, featured breaking news, or browsing other top stories in healthcare. I made the subscribe cta prominent in the top navigation, as it’s one of the best ways to get users to return to your site.

Search Feature

Search is an incredibly efficient way for users to find what they’re looking for. On a news site, however, users typically want to explore content more unpredictably. I therefore included the search feature in the hamburger menu, making it available but not a prominent part of the site, and promoting more browsing.



Wireframe Iterations

My first set of wireframes included a prominent search feature on the home page, a hamburger menu covering 2/3 of the screen, and a simple text based search result page.


I made adjustments in the next iteration, primarily with the placement of the search feature. After further research, I decided to move the search feature into the hamburger menu, and make it a full screen takeover when expanded. I included what will be organized categories for the user to choose from, along with a search bar. Search results include pictures to go along with the articles. I also included a sort feature to help users find articles they want faster.

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