Product : Healthcare content mobile mock up

Teammates : (Product Manager, UX research team)

Target Audience : Users looking for the latest healthcare news and topics

My Role :Designer, prototype maker

This is a Healthcare content site I mocked up for Alpha using Sketch and Invision. The purpose of this mock up is to test users interest in a site that gives them top healthcare news headlines, an ability to search for topics, a way to subscribe, and a way to easily view other related content stories.

Click here to view my prototype

Alpha 01



I gave users an ability to scroll breaking stories, or quickly swipe through other top stories by designing story cards on the home page. Users can also click the trending hashtags at the top of the page, or scroll below the cards to find other top stories in healthcare.

I designed the top navigation to include a hamburger menu for easy topic navigation, and a subscription button so users can to subscribe to the site.

Users can search, or use the categories to find articles they are interested in.


I had a lot of fun creating this content site. My goal was to give users easy access to the endless healthcare topics available to them, in a simple and organized way.