A Week in…

Ok, so it’s been about a week and I decided to choose to learn Javascript first. My reasoning for this is based on the popularity of the language and the uses for front end development . Having no background in programming, I decided it’d be best to start out learning the very basics of programming (variables, strings, etc.) first. I have found with more repetition and practice, things are starting to slowly make sense.

My biggest suggestion to those finding it difficult to even begin comprehending the early stages of learning JavaScript and programming, is to stick with it and take it slow. Eventually things will start to click, even if it feels like it’s taking forever.

For those of you that already have the basics down, I suggest you read this post I came accross on the free code camp message boards.

job ready guide

Great advice for a way to gain the minimum skills needed to land your first junior developer job.

Now to get started on YDKJS…

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