Phase one: Hello World…

Since this is my first post on my first blog ever, I’ll start with a short introduction to how I got here. I graduated in 2012 with a BA in art, and moved to New York in pursuit of a career as an illustrator. I’ve had success working mainly as a freelance artist, but in late 2016 something hit me. I realized I wanted more. Freelancing is both rewarding and stressful, as the hustle factor can be relentless. I wanted to expand my learning and skill set, so after lots and lots of research and discussions with friends and family, Web Development seemed to be a logical choice. It relates to what I like in terms of creating things,  and it is in high demand. Now, where do I begin….

I signed up for a course at The City College of New York which began at the end of January 2017, and immediately learned that I needed to dedicate plenty of time away from this class in order to really learn and grow at the rate I wanted. I’ve spent countless hours researching which bootcamps to take, and outside the box ways of increasing my chances of landing a junior developer job. I began learning HTML and CSS first with Codecademy, then signed up for Free Code Camp and a paid course with Colt Steele through Udemy. While I’ve learned HTML and CSS at least well enough to put on my resume as a skill, I’d also say I learned that my fear of not knowing every aspect of covering these two “basics”, I have failed to push myself to move on to the next step. If you are a beginner and reading this, my first suggestion is to pick a learning site, dedicate yourself to it, and move on when its finished. Don’t seek camp after camp to try and relearn things you think you might have missed. Push yourself to move on to the next challenge.

I’m currently debating the move from either Javascript or Ruby. My next post will be about what I chose to pursue.

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